Let me clear the air

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The Editor:

Please allow me to correct some inaccuracies which appeared in a letter to the editor this past week:

My late husband, Hastings H. Huggins, Jr. was born in Baton Rouge,

Louisiana of a Nevisian father and American mother. His father was indeed born in Nevis, left in the 1920’s and became a highly regarded MD in the US before he retired to Nevis. His son, Hastings H. Huggins Jr., was a US Air Force Strategic Air Command pilot, then had a successful career with IBM, where he retired as Vice President . We moved to Nevis in 1990; unfortunately he died two years later.

The last “tea party” I attended focused on the Bath House restoration. I was invited so I could contribute my knowledge as the former Honorary

German Consul for St Kitts-Nevis, since this project involves funding from the European Union.


Ursula Huggins-Whitney

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