This is just a post-view of the last election by Godfrey O. “Muscovado” Griffin, a Nevisian residing in New York. I hereby beg your indulgence, by asking you please to publish this poem in you newspaper.

Lets get it on!

The Driver fell asleep at the steering wheel,

Crashed the car, and walked away from a pile of mangled steel.

In the aftermath, two passengers died a horrible death,

Which led to sordid speculation and endless regret.

There are many questions posed, as to what went wrong,

But the two survivors are asking sympathizers to be strong,

They sadly retort, “at least we did not die with them

Or this in and of itself would have been a real big problem.”

“Give us sometime to heal, to regroup and to do damage control

At least we are still in the game and we are ready to rock and roll,

Be ye of good cheer and know that a bad wind never blows

So the elders and ancestors say, or so the story goes!”

An unforeseen circumstance occurred, this was unavoidable but it makes ample fodder

and goading inspiration for our successors to do better.

In retrospect, the wheels did fall off of our wagon

And right now it’s time for less talk and more action

“So, let’s get it on!”