I LIED; Teen admits to lying about whereabouts

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By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

After being missing for about three days, sixteen year-old Akilah ‘Kilah’ Christian was found in the early morning hours of Thursday. The teen was reportedly spotted on the side of the road by a drain cleaner. Police were summoned and the young woman was taken to the hospital.

The Observer spoke to Mary Christian, the mother of the teen, who said her daughter had told the police that she had been kept against her will and raped repeatedly over the few days that she went missing. According to the mother, Akilah said that on her way to visit her Grandmother in Conaree, a male acquaintance had called her on her cell phone.

Her mother continued, that when Akilah got to the man’s house, he pulled her inside and threw her down on a mattress. Mary said Akilah said he demanded that she take her clothes off and when she locked her legs against his attack, he pummelled her legs until she couldn’t hold them tight anymore. After this, the mother said the girl was stripped of her skirt and panties and raped.

The mother went on to say that Akilah said while she was being held, she was only given water to drink, no food and was continually sexually assaulted. Mary said the teen confessed that after her captor deliberated with another man, she was loaded into a jeep and dumped at the Playing field next to the Tucker Clarke Primary School.

The apparently anguished mother relayed the events as they had unfolded after her daughter had not shown up at her grandmother’s house or at home.

“After she didn’t reach by her grandmother and she couldn’t be found, I reported her missing. I took a picture of her to the police station after 11 p.m. Monday. They took my statement but I didn’t hear anything in the news until Wednesday night. On Tuesday I got a tip-off that she was being held in a yard in the area and I told the Police. When they did come, they said they couldn’t go into the guy’s place without a warrant and that they would get one by the next morning. Up until when my daughter was found, they had not come back or called to say anything. Her father called me from the hospital about 6:30 Thursday morning to say that Akilah had been found,” she said. The mother referred to a missing persons report issued by the police that gave Akilah’s physical description, the clothes she was last seen wearing and the time she was last seen on Monday.

On speaking with Akilah, the young woman recanted the entire story that she had told to the police and her parents. The young woman said that she had left home because she was ‘stressed’. She denied that she had been raped at all and said she went to a male ‘friend’s house.

“I did tell the police that stuff but it’s not true. I left because I was really stressed out. I went by the person because he and I are more than friends. We talked and when it got late and time for me to go home, I didn’t want to go so I stayed with him. We went to Bird Rock by a friend’s house to chill, it’s a place I had been to with him before. He didn’t let me walk home because he didn’t want anything to happen to me. I was not raped or kept against my will. I said that because I couldn’t tell my mother the truth because she doesn’t like the guy,” Akilah admitted. She said that she was found in a weakened state because while she was with her friend, she had nor eaten any food and only drank water. That was the reason she had almost fainted when she got to where she was ‘found’, the girl said.

When asked if her 19 month old son’s life had been threatened, she denied that as well, saying that the man would never do anything like that. The teen contends that she fabricated the story because of her fear of her mother.

Up until press time, it was not clear whether or not the man Akilah had accused of brutally raping her had been apprehended before she recanted her statement to the police. It was also not communicated whether or not any charges would be brought against the teen for making false statement.

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