Like parent, like child?

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Over the last few weeks young men have been appearing before the judge, in the high court to answer to some very serious charges.

Most of those charges concern violent crimes.

What is most appalling about those cases is the way the parents of the accused have acted.

Some of these young men have been convicted of harming people with baseball bats, machetes and even guns.

Yet, right behind them in court, standing firm and ready to defend their lawless children, are the parents. And, most of them are single mothers.

A parent will always rise up to defend their child. It is a natural behavior. No one wants to see their flesh and blood come to harm or get locked up.

However, the behavior of these parents, in court, makes it obvious why so many of our youths are growing up to become criminals.

Parents have gone into court and willingly and knowingly lied while giving evidence for their child whom they know is guilty.

Some parents have gone out of their way to scream, jump up and pull out their hair with just the thought that their child could be locked up in prison, and they know that child is guilty.

When their child has murdered another person, do those same parents shed even one tear for the victim?

Are these parents so blinded with emotion that they cannot see that a crime has taken place?

The answer is really simple. These parents act the way they do because of ignorance.

Ignorant parents nurture potential criminals in their household.

That is a strong statement to make but is a statement that needs some attention.

Criminals are not born. Being a criminal does not start at school or on the playground.

Many young criminals horn their skills in the home.

We must stop blaming alcohol, music and other media for the increase in criminal activity among youths.

The problem lies in the home. If a mother acts in a wayward manner around her children then it is very likely that the child will grow up unruly like his mother.

A young man was convicted of wounding a man with a machete. Clearly from the evidence given he had done it. The young man did not even make an effort to defend himself.

As he was being escorted outside a reporter attempted to take a picture of the guilty criminal. The mother went into a fit and tried to attack the reporter. Police officers had a lot of trouble holding back the mother because she was a ‘big’ woman.

Young children are going school knowing every cuss word there is. If a teacher attempts to discipline a child, then the parent comes running — ready to fight, ready to pull out her hair and screaming ‘murder.’

The Observer calls on all parents to be more responsible.

If you notice early that you’re having problems raising your child, then seek out help. Government agencies and even ministers of governments are very eager to help.

Just ask for the help and you will get it.

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