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A Little Bit More, Sir

It’s rare for anyone to really want to hear more words from a politician. People who follow politics closely sometimes find themselves with sore ears and numb brains from the interminable chest-beating and droning that passes for political speechmaking. Yet there are the exceptions that prove the rule, a case in point being the recent remarks by Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas dealing with a preliminary report on the fatal bridge collapse in May that killed one man and injured two others.

Dr. Douglas said a final report is on the way. When he has had a chance to review it, we urge the Prime Minister to share its contents with the public. Not only do we hope that he will discuss it, but that he will release the final report – full and uncensored – for the public to review on its own.

Should this report point toward negligence or any preventable human failing as the cause of the bridge collapse, we urge the Government to pursue those responsible with all the powers at their disposal, both civil and criminal. To do anything less would be to tell workers throughout the Federation that their lives and health are expendable commodities in the race for improvements. Big business has enough resources to take care of itself in such situations. It is the average worker, the person who breaks a sweat every day on the job, who needs government as a partner and a protector in such situations.

We also urge the government to do all it can for the families of the man killed and the men injured. On a practical level, workers will not want to take jobs that entail any risks in the Federation if they see there is no safety net to help them if things go wrong. On a moral level, it is unacceptable to treat workers like throw-away items; it is slavery in everything but name.

Prime Minister Douglas, we are all waiting to hear a little bit more.

Let Justice Be Done

Justice Albert Redhead did something that is extraordinary and extraordinarily difficult. He sentenced four men to death for the murder of a witness who wanted to testify against a criminal charged with the murder of a policeman.

The death penalty is always controversial. Yet in a crime so heinous, so openly pointed at undermining the system of justice, the only real option is to strike back as hard as possible against those who would destroy it.

Justice Redhead showed great courage in handing down these sentences. The Justice is sending a message to the criminal element that the system is not weak; though it appears to be under siege at this time, society will prevail, the law will prevail and those who wreak havoc should be prepared to pay the ultimate price.

We salute the courage of Justice Albert Redhead, who took action in defense of civilization when it was needed.

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