Local Artisans Train In The Art Of Bamboo Crafts

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A three-week workshop in bamboo design was organized recently by the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF), in partnership with the Embassy of Taiwan. The activity falls under the Youth and Women Empowerment Project, a creation of the Minister of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

In launching the project, Taiwan’s Ambassador HE Peter Chen said the knowledge gained will allow participants to become economically independent.

The facilitator of the workshop is Ya Ching Lee. This is her second workshop in Saint Lucia having facilitated a similar exercise in Choiseul in 2021.

“I have been working in full product design for eight years now, so if you attend the workshop I will teach you how to properly mold bamboo fibers,” she said. “My brand specializes in the craft of bamboo webbing and mixing materials. I will combine different materials to achieve the end product.”

Participant, Mr. Alva Preville from Crafty Islander, welcomed the workshop and is eagerly looking forward to learning more about bamboo crafts.

“I am the founder of The Crafty Islander. We make many products. One of our specialties is our line of eco-friendly cups and straws which we have been creating since 2020,” he said, adding, “It wasn’t what we had intended to do; it happened as a result of the COVID pandemic. My background is in Food and Beverage and we were left with no work, so my friends at the distillery approached me and asked if I could make a bamboo cup. I managed to successfully deliver 100 bamboo cups to the distillery after one month.”

Bamboo is the national plant of Saint Lucia. During the workshop, local artisans will gain knowledge in the handling and design of bamboo.

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