Local Artist to Release New Video

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Nevis’ own dancehall/reggae artist Darren “Ripper HD” Monzack is set to release his second video in March  featuring his newest song “Welcome Home (Nevis) “ shot entirely in Nevis.

Monzack, who showed interest in music at a young age, has released a number of singles under the Spane Beats record label which was launched in February 2017 through the effort of Hossien “Daddy Span” Brandy. Brandy, has made his mark internationally as the only Nevisian music producer to produce an album with many international and local dancehall, reggae and Soca artists.

The Nevisian artist has also released a number of videos during his career  and has collaborated with a number of artist in St Kitts and Nevis

Monzack  performed live for international events during Culturama for two past  years. He also had a single on the popular “Medz Rhythm” released last year.

Speaking with the Observer on Wednesday (February 14) music producer Hossien Brandy noted Monzacks new song and music video is a is a glimpse in the life of Monzack and serves as a dedication to Nevis.

Brandy said  he has been working with Monzack for the past three years. The single was mixed and mastered by Kamau Georges of the British Virgin Islands. “The idea of putting out the song ‘Welcome Home (Nevis)’ first was to get persons acquainted with the song leading up to the video,” Brandy said.

He said that video entire will be shot in Nevis and everything is already in place.

“The entire video will be filmed in Nevis because the song speaks of Nevis. I don’t think there will be one location. We will try to get in as many locations in  Nevis as possible. The video will be shot by James Galloway,” Brandy said.

Brandy said that Monzack’s new single will be good tourist marketing tool to drum up interest in visiting Nevis.

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