Man charged for May 17 shooting

From the RSCNPF

Basseterre, St. Kitt – Raheem Freeman of Carse Avenue, St. Pauls, was arrested, formally charged and cautioned July 10 for the offence of attempted murder stemming from an investigation into a May 17 shooting incident in St. Paul’s.

The initial investigation revealed the victim was sitting on a verandah in Rawlins Housing and was shot at and grazed by a bullet fired by the assailant. Freeman (the assailant) later reported to Pogson Hospital seeking treatment for a gunshot injury and claimed that he was shot by an unknown assailant while walking the vicinity of a village shop in St. Paul’s.

Andre Mitchell, Head of the Crime Directorate assistant commissioner of police, said, “I want to commend the investigators and technicians working on this case. They looked at the information before them and through good interviews and forensic analysis and going back to their training they were able to bring this charge.”