Police charged 34-year-old Kimba Whattley of St. Paul’s for the Aug. 20, 2018 murder of Kasim Buchanan Tuesday.

The offence was committed in Buchanan’s home.

RSCNPF received a report by the victim’s girlfriend at about 6:25 p.m. Aug. 20, 2018. Both lived in a house in an alley that connects Nevis Street and College Street Ghaut.

Preliminary investigations at the time revealed that she left Buchanan at home in the morning, and upon her return in the evening, found his motionless body in a pool of blood.

The District Medical Doctor arrived on the scene and pronounced him dead. Buchanan had visible signs of trauma to his body. The scene was processed by technicians from the Forensic Services Unit and items of evidential value were collected.

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Valery Alexandrov carried out a post-mortem on the body Kasim Buchanan on Aug. 21, 2018, concluding Buchanan died as a result of multiple homicidal blunt force injuries combined with multiple stab wounds.