Fifty-four-year-old Leonard “Calla” Gumbs was chopped in the head with an axe, shot in his left thigh and robbed of US$1,343 and a cheque to the value of EC$896 by three masked bandits, in his home at Parray’s Village in St. Peter’s Parish on Friday, Nov. 4.

Gumbs, who lives alone, said he the incident occurred in his bedroom after he returned home from picking a quantity of breadfruit from a nearby yard.

“I was planning to go to St. Martin on the following day, so I bought some provisions, placed them in a box and left my home to pick some breadfruits. The door was closed but not locked and on returning home my dog was making an unusual sound but I dismissed that.

“However, I got in the house and on entering the bedroom a masked man chopped me on my head with an axe and demanded that I hand over all my money to him. Two other masked men were with him and I suspected a third man was also in my house,” Gumbs said.

“I then saw two other masked men in my bedroom and I asked them if they gave me any money to keep. They started to advance to hit me again and I started fighting with them, but they managed to take the US money and a cheque from my pocket.

“They then ran out of the house and I followed them to get back my money. However, one of them turned around and fired a shot that struck me on my left thigh. I fell to the ground and was assisted by a man who heard my groans,” Gumbs said.

Gumbs was of the view that the bandits knew he had US currency in his home and he also suspected two of them to be workers of the company in which he is employed.

“I have been planning a long time to go to St. Martin and most of my fellow workers knew of my plans. However, during the robbery two of the masked men’s voices sounded similar to those of two of my fellow workers and I do hope the police will soon arrest them and bring them to justice,” Gumbs said.

Leonard “Calla” Gumbs underwent surgery at the Joseph N France General Hospital and was listed critical in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), but, on visit by The Observer, he was found to be in a stable condition nursing the wounds to his head and leg.