By Trisha La Place

The Observer

ST. KITTS — Anderson Hendrick, who is charged with house breaking and larceny on two counts, appeared in the high court to have his case heard.

District Public Prosecutor Janine Harris alleged that Hendricks stole US$113, EC$40, six lady’s hand-bags, two neck and hand chains, a wrist watch and six lady’s underwear.

Harris said on Jan. 19, 2004, police reacted to a house breaking report of Mr. Lincoln Hazel of Palmetto Point.

Harris called several witnesses who claim they saw a suspicious man in the area wondering around the same time the report came to the police.

Police Officer Pearline Nuton Tross of Sandy Point, where the accused Hendricks resides, said she saw Hendricks wondering around the Palmetto Point area that night with a woman’s hand bag.

“ I know Andy, he resides in the same village with me, I know for a fact I saw him. It was no mistake,” Tross said.

Hendricks, who represented himself, stood up firm and shouted “Not Guilty,” when it was time for him to defend himself.

“I didn’t do it, they telling lies on me, they set me up,” Anderson kept repeating over and over again.

Hendricks then gave an account of why he was wrongly accused of committing the crime.

“ I came from down the bay after soaking my foot and when I got to my mothers house Sgt. Jerome Benjamin who resides at the Sandy Point Police Station just kicked down my mother’s gate and pursued to search my house without a warrant,” Hendricks said. “He then claimed he found something and spoke about some house that was broken into, he didn’t ask me no questions, I didn’t know what he was talking about he just charged me with an offence without me knowing what he is talking about.”

Harris re-called Officer Benjamin to tell his side of the story.

Benjamin said he indeed had a warrant to search Hendrick’s premises.

“A man of my job stature could never fail an order given to him by his superior,” Benjamin testified. “I entered the house and found the six panties that was claimed missing behind a card board in Hendrick’s dwelling home, I then asked who did they belong too, and Anderson said his girlfreind.

“I then carried out another search and found some US money mostly 20s that too was alleged taken from the Hazel’s residence in Palmetto Point,” Benjamin said.

By Monday afternoon both sides rested their cases and the judge Belle sent the case to the jury to decide on a verdict.

On Tuesday the jury found Hendricks guilty and Judge Francis Belle sentence him to five years in prison.

Also in the high court, Kurtley Duncan and Meraldo Mitcham, both charged with obtaining property on false pretence, had their case heard.

Police allege that on April 3, 2004 the two stole a credit card from Chris Robinson and purchased several items with the card.

Police said that Mitcham better known as ‘Landi’ had a shopping spree at Ashburry’s, Music Unlimited and Athlete’s Foot.

Ether Huggins, employed by Ashburry’s, said she recalled showing Meraldo several gold chains.

“He then choose the one he wanted which was a 15.9 gram gold chain worth $102.00,” she said. “I then wrote up his receipt and ask him how is he going to pay cash or card, he then said card, I in turned sent him to the cashier who is Mrs Sandra Kassab Kelsick.” Kassab said he gave her a credit card that had Chris Robinson’s on it.

When the Prosecutor asked her about his signature she said that it was indeed a close match and she didn’t think anything of it at the time but she wrote down the pin number of the card for safe keeping.

When the prosecutor asked both Mitcham and Duncan how did they plead they both said guilty.

Lawyer Chestley Hamilton, Mitcham’s Lawyer begged for his client’s sentence to be narrowed down since of course he was a first time offender and never got in trouble with the law.

He then asked the Judge to please be understanding that Mitcham was a 21-year-old young man who was still trying to find himself. He assured the court that since the incident Mitcham has been going to River’s Church of God and completely turned his life around and he has learned his lesson.

Duncan spoke freely for himself since he had no representation. He understands his actions were wrong and that he accepts full responsibility.

He also said he worked with the police from the beginning of the case and had handed over the chain in the police custody immediately.

Judge Belle scheduled the sentence Monday, leaving both men in police custody.