By John Denny

Nevis Reporter

(Charlestown) – Magistrate Yasmine Clarke sentenced a man to six months in prison for breaking the window of a police car. The man, Earl Walters plead guilty to the charge. The incident happened on April 27, and according to Mr. Walters, started over the police seizing a CD player from him to see if it was stolen and then would not return the device.

Walters explained that it was a gift and told officers the name of the person who had given it to him.

“I was frustrated,” said Mr. Walters. “So I pick up a rock and smash the window.”

The damage was estimated at EC$1,000 and Mr. Walters offered to pay the damage, or pay a fine in lieu of jail time but the Magistrate had already made up her mind.

“You cannot afford to pay,” said Magistrate Clarke. “It will only make more work for the officers when they have to arrest you again.”