The Nevis circuit of the High Court looked unfavorably on a case of unlawful carnal knowledge during its latest sitting — but it could have been far more harsh. Sylvester Merchant of Gingerland was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Thursday, Dec. 19. The maximum sentence for the charge is life in prison. “She was a 15-year-old child,’said Judge Albert Redhead, who presided over the court session. “You insulted the uniform she was wearing, and you were a friend of the mother. You betrayed her trust.”Merchant also faced charges of rape and buggery, but he was found not guilty of those offenses. When High Court began on Monday, Dec. 2, he plead not guilty to all charges. The media was not allowed to cover the trail since it pertained to a sexual matter. Judge Redhead admonished Merchant for acting irresponsibly. “While you were having sex, someone asked you if you had a girl there, and you laughed,”he said. “It’s sickening.”Merchant, who was represented by Dr. Henry Browne, Q.C., is expected to appeal the the decision. During this session of the high court, Merchant was the only defendant sentenced. He was convicted on Thursday, Dec. 5. The court also heard the case of Kimron Lawrence and Orlando Hylton, who stood accused of rape and robbery. The deliberations over their case lasted from Monday, Dec. 9, until Thursday, Dec. 19. However, the case was transversed until 2014. It originally was filed on Oct. 27, 2011. The case of attorney Geoffery Romany, who is charged with laundering $455,767.67, was also on the docket. However, the witnesses could not make the trial, so that matter was also transversed. Romany’s case was filed on April 16. This sitting of the high court involved a large number of sex crimes: seven, in fact. The cases of two other defendants were transversed until the next sitting.