Man Injured In Cayon Shooting LK Hewlett Story Updated: July 07 th 2015 at 11:00 am
A young man was last night (July 6) wounded during gunplay in an area of Cayon called Shanty Town. The victim, known at this time as “Abel”, a SCASPA employee, was said to have been sitting with other young men when an assailant/assailants opened fire. It is not known at this time how many times or where about his body the victim was struck. He was transported to the JNF hospital and is reported to be in stable condition. Cayon residents are becoming increasingly concerned over the recent spike in gun crimes in the rural village. There is an alleged “beef” between young men from that village and the neighbouring Keys village. Recently a young man, Everette “Roach” Battice, 25, was killed in the same area, Shanty Town. That fatal shooting was preceded by several incidents of gunplay that did not result in injuries.