Too many points in the plan

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Crime is rampant in our Federation and criminals are becoming more daring as each act of crime goes unsolved. Guns are everywhere. Stupid gangs are springing up like mushrooms.

It is obvious that crime is a part of our social system; it lies right below the surface of everything we do in our society. It flares up at any time and anywhere.

Our latest report on crime is that gunmen are invading the J.N.F General Hospital bent on finishing the job they started on one of their victims.

Gunmen shot a young man recently and blatantly ran from the scene with the guns in their hands.

People saw them but are so frozen by fear of reprisal that they dare not give the police information. Even the victims themselves adamantly refuse to tell the police who shot them.

About a week ago a few gunmen went after Corporal Bergan of Sandy Point. They went to finish him. Bergan was first attacked nearly two years ago when gunmen attacked the vehicle on which he did guard duty. Bergan had to undergo serious therapy to help him to regain the use of his legs. The case is to try shortly so gunmen went to silence him forever. Fortunately the police reached on time and Bergan was saved while his world-be assassins were apprehended.

This is how serious our crime situation has become and it can get worse while our high officials meet after every critical upsurge to draw up plans with points.

Our view is that this is no time for plans of however many points. The government must act now, not tomorrow; plans take time to make. It is time for action, action which can be taken immediately.

One immediate and effective action is to round up the gangsters. Anyone who is a known gang member must be taken out of circulation and kept under a restrictive regimen of retraining for a year, two years, however long it takes to make over a young potentially dangerous criminal.

If we can remove 100 gang members off the streets into a training camp, this would guarantee the freedom of our community from at least 100 guns and knives. It will doubless save the lives of at least 50 victims of murder. It would be the beginning of the cleansing of our society.

Let us get some action, PLEASE!

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