March restart targeted for entertainment industry

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The entertainment industry could be given the green light to restart events in March, according to Chair of the National COVID-19 Task Force, Abdias Samuel.

Delivering what he described as “good news”, Samuel said the Task Force in their deliberations agreed to have the Cabinet consider commencement of major events, fetes and other activities as of the month of March

“As for the date, we will communicate that with you as soon as we get the consideration and deliberation from Cabinet. We are hopeful that we can get that information to you so you can begin to advertise your events as necessary.”

Samuel said that he will be communicating with the Ministry of Entertainment, who should be liaising with the promoters and entertainers so they can get the industry restarted.

“Restarted gradually and restarted safely. We want you to restart.”

He noted that they will reopen in a phased way, so that it would not be closed down again, unless there is a huge spike in COVID cases.

“The reason we are saying gradually, we don’t want to regress, unless we have a major outbreak. So let’s get it right so we don’t have to swing back and forth. We start it, start it right, get it done correctly, and we have it sustained so we don’t have to look back unless it is a major outbreak.

“We are here to work with everyone to bring back the sector to operation.”

Since the end of Sugar Mas 50, the entertainment sector has been at a standstill following the start of the fourth wave of increased COVID-19 infection, and the discovery of the Omicron variant in St Kitts and Nevis in early January.

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