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Nevis Cycle & Triathlon Club

(Nevis) – February 16, was the day the Newcastle Development Squad had the chance to host their first race under the guidance of Reggie Douglas and James Weekes from the Nevis Cycle & Triathlon Club. It was a success even with the late start.

The youths were out to do their thing in the wheelie competition, we had Cotton Ground turning up with three to defend their village, Butlers Village with one defending his village, and host village Newcastle also with three. It was a knockout format and the first round had them lifting their front wheels off the ground at 100 meters from the bus stop.

The next leg began at the police station, and there is were the field started to get small leaving it to three, Adgell Jeffers, Kierese Queely and Nakim. Adgell had to knock off Nakim because Kierese had already knocked off Sabque from Butlers and so Adgell did the job at hand and went to the final round, this would take them from the Newcastle pottery to as far as Sunshine Shoppers supermarket – one of the sponsors – and that’s where Adgell took the brand new BMX off Kierese. So instead of these guys beating down each other with a gun they did it with one wheel in the air and with love.

The final event for the day was the 20-mile road race which had 13 racers out there to do their best. A run was to be a part of the event but no one showed up except 15-yr-old  Javid Stapleton, and 9-yr-old Devon Jeffers. As he was there to compete, he decided to compete in the bike race instead, and pulled off a stunning first in the Junior category. Veare MaJaeed came in second and Assim Chapman came in 3rd.

Although the main focus was the youths, the adults also got to play on this fun bike day,

The usual battle ensued between James and Reggie with Tom Dutton mixing it up as well, James once again being triumphant in the sprint to the finish. The highlight of the day had to be the ongoing ‘masters’ challenge between Gordon ‘Doc’ Avery and Frank Ashley, the two exchanging the lead over the course, and coming into the final turn Frank looked like a shoe-in for the win. The ‘Doc’ had other plans, turning up the heat to overtake Frank meters from the line, an extraordinary performance from our eldest statesman.

Very many thanks to the sponsors who made this event possible, and to the spectators who cheered the youths on.

‘Major’ Taylor Road Race Results 16th February 2008.

Male      Time     Positions

James Weekes 49:40 1st

Reggie Douglas 49:42 2nd

Tom Dutton 49:48 3rd

Winston Crooke 52:28 4th

Greg Phillip 53:11 5th

Gordon Avery 1:00:07 6th

Frank Ashley 1:00:08 7th


Kristina Stoney 53:14 1st

Miranda Fellows DNF


Javid Stapleton 1:03:04 1st

Veare Majeed 1:03:30 2nd

Assim Chapman 1:06:27 3rd

Miles Walters DNF

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