Martinique with More Than 7,000 COVID-19 Cases in One Week

Fort de France, Martinique
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Martinique has recorded an explosion of new COVID-19 cases with 2,235 new confirmed cases recorded in 24 hours.

According to the Agence Regionale de Sante (ARS), there are 112 hospitalisations and 35 patients in critical condition.

The total number of deaths since the start of the epidemic is 805.

ARS states the indicators related to the number of deaths have to be interpreted with caution due to the time in registration in administrative software by hospital institutions.

Throughout this week Martinique has posted high COVID-19 figures:

  • On January 13 – 1,117 new cases recorded in 24 hours  

  • On January 12 – 2,301 new cases recorded in 24 hours  

  • On January 11- 1, 246 new cases recorded in 24 hours  

  • On January 10- 1,842 new cases recorded in 24 hours

The French Caribbean Island since March 2020 has recorded 65,380 confirmed cases.

On Wednesday, PAHO during its COVID-19 briefing said 42 countries and territories in all Subregions of the Americas including the Caribbean have detected the Omicron variant.

It was also noted that in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are reporting the highest numbers of new infections, although other islands like Jamaica, Aruba, Curaçao, and Martinique are also seeing significant jumps in COVID-19 cases.

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