During an interview Monday, Director of Agriculture, Melvin James, highlighted efforts by the government of St. Kitts and Nevis to advance agricultural production through the Meat Fabrication Workshop facilitated by the Manager of Nevis Abattoir, Garfield Griffin, to facilitate the overall increase in pork and goat meat on the islands.

“The reason for this workshop is to be able to help our farmers add value to their animals.” James said, addressing the deficiencies in some farming methods and explaining an animal does not always have to be slaughtered for fresh meat alone, as various animals can be cut into different proportions.

James emphasized “meat has different categories [and] classifications and one needs to be able to cut the meat in such a way that they can be representative of these categories because each of these categories can be treated differently.”

Griffin noted during an interview that in St. Kitts and Nevis, farmers would slaughter animals without knowing different cuts and sell each cut at the same price.A foal ofthe workshop was to teach the farmers of different cuts — choice cuts, for example — to increase their earnings and attract a higher value.

Using a hypothetical scenario, a farmer originally selling his cattle for $1000 could increase the value of the cattle to about $1,900 by using choice cuts, Griffin explained.
Thirteen stakeholders from the St. Kitts Abattoir, one from the St. Kitts President of Farmers group, and 5 from the Nevis Abattoir were present at the workshop.