Medical Teams from Mexico & U.S. to Help Grenada Fight COVID

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The Grenadian Government says medical teams from Mexico and the United States are due in the country later this week to help strengthen the local health system cope with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has killed 50 and infected 3,841 others since March last year.

Health Minister Dr Nickolas Steele said three doctors and nurse practitioners from Mexico are arriving here as a result of a bilateral arrangement with that country while the medical practitioners from the United States are coming under a programme being coordinated by US-based Grenadian Dr Phillip Bonaparte.

“Today we have two teams coming in to assist, one team from Mexico of doctors and health professionals that will give support and easement to our ICU team and our hospital team in general and another team lead by our proud and patriotic Grenadian, Dr Phillip Bonaparte,” Steele said on the Monday morning television programme “Perspectives”.

The team from the US will include Grenadian doctors and other professionals.

“That team is a mixture of Grenadians and USA medical professionals, and they will be spending at least one week on the island assisting the COVID-19 team at the General Hospital,” said the spokesman for the delegation, Keith Ventour.

Steeles said in addition to the two medical teams, St George’s University, which has graduated thousands of doctors over the years, will also be tapping into their alumni with a view to rendering some essential service to Grenada.

“They will be coming in so they will be giving easement at all different levels and support to our medical team who has been on the frontline bearing the brunt of this today,” he said.

From mid-August, Grenada has recorded an increase in COVID-19 positive cases, and to date, the health authorities said that more than 3000 cases have been identified.

“The action we take in society is what will prevent or slows the hospitalization and the deaths,” Steele said, encouraging citizens to become vaccinated and adhere to the public health protocols.

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