Meeting New Year’s Resolutions

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A new year means new resolutions–how are you going to hit them?

The start of the new year, here on St. Kitts like elsewhere, is filled with a flirtatious blend of reflective and positive influences on our motivation. Goals are set. Targets are in aim. GO!

Engines are now on full blast into the new year. It is a time when you walk into every day buzzing with excitement about the achievements you have set out to accomplish. As February, March and April come around something strange starts occurring in your mind and behaviour. Suddenly your goals are not that exciting anymore. You begin to question your ability to hit your targets. Then boom, it’s all over. New Years’ Resolutions are blurred and you’re back where you left off in the previous year.

As a personal trainer at Crossfit Liamuiga, I’m no stranger to seeing this play out again and again. Getting fitter, stronger and healthier is a goal many people set for themselves but, unfortunately, struggle to stick to their resolutions. If you’re reading this and have ever set yourself a resolution, this may sound very familiar. But although many people set resolutions they never ask “why?” they set them.

Understanding your “why?” is as critical as your next breath. Understanding why you want to achieve any goal is more important than the goal itself.

“I want to lose weight,” that’s the goal.

“I want to lose weight because being a good example for my family while having the freedom to enjoy life on my terms,” is the why you create the goal.

Having a great sense of self-awareness also adds a huge advantage in figuring out why you want to accomplish the goals you set at the start of a new year. Being fully streamlined with your current mental, physical and environmental state aids in benefiting strong “whys” that usually results in goals that are successfully accomplished.

Surround yourself with people that have already accomplished similar goals to the ones you have set for yourself. Get them to explain why it was so important for them to achieve their goals from their perspective. Seek validation from your peers as to why you have selected the goals you want to achieve. Constantly add new “whys” to the same goals to strengthen and deepen your desire to actually achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

A dream is only a dream until it becomes a plan. A plan is only effective when the why behind the plan is understood.

Zenhastel Hector
Crossfit Liamuiga, Co-owner
Basseterre, St. Kitts.

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