Chairman of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority and director of the TDC group of Companies Nick Menon has urged police officers in Divisions A and B of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF) to advance their techniques to adapt with the ever evolving criminals.

Menon told officers that they were the cornerstone of communities, economy and the nation but without a motivated and high performing police force the country would descend into chaos.

Yet, that aside, he commended the police for their security during December when more than 100 cruise ships berthed in Basseterre bringing more than 200,000 passengers over the Christmas and Boxing Day holidays.

As he explained, “You provide that stability for us…unfortunately when things go wrong the first set of fingers always point to the police. There is little recognition of the many other factors that create crime and criminals.”

Menon noted that the Federation has progressed in leaps and bounds over the years and the police force must do the same. “We are facing very different and new challenges and the demand on our police force are increasing exponentially.

“Next generation crime requires next generation solutions never forgetting our traditional methods and practices and skill-sets for continued success the force requires things that are both within and outside your control.”

He then implored the officers to have a positive attitude which could be a factor that will lead to improved results.

“Teams who communicate better, operate more efficiently and contribute to a higher level. In 2018 ask yourself if you are having positive emotional energy or draining the team.

“I challenge you to always have consider improving your own personal contribution and attitude to make your team more successful,” he said.

The Tourism official also called for officers to be self-motivated, to be inspired to be a better police officer.

The important question here is what drives you and inspires you to be a better police officer every day? Do you have a self-improvement plan professionally and personally… practicing these traits will drive you to higher heights “

He however, warned that one of the biggest constraints of performance is stress which could lead to absenteeism, early retirement, emotional detachment from everyday life, reduce deficiency, increased complaints and rising health problems.

According to Menon, “Law enforcement is broadly considered as one of the most stressful occupations and is often associated with high rates of alcoholism emotional health problems and divorce.

“This underscores the importance of you understanding your own stress indicators and developing mechanism when they appear. It is not a question of if they will appear but by the nature of your work when.”

He indicated stress is a major component of all working environments, and too many people “bury their heads in the sand to their own detriment.”

Menon also highlighted the importance of health and physical fitness to their overall performance.

“Officers who are involved in regular exercise programmes are less likely to develop health problems that keep them away from the job and negatively affect their work performance and placing undue pressure on their team members.

“The police officer’s job involves interacting with the public…and performing other physical activities that are all dependent on a high level of physical fitness. Make sure you are ready for work both emotionally and physically.”