Mexico has reported 1,092 novel coronavirus deaths for the past day, the country’s highest daily toll so far, taking the total fatalities to 11,729. And there’s a similar tragedy from Brazil with 1,349 deaths in the past 24 hours, taking the total to more than 32,500.

Daily in infections in Mexico were also at an all-time high of 3,912 – the overall number of confirmed infections now stands at 101,238.

Officials have said that the real numbers are expected to be much higher and the government is facing growing criticism for opening up parts of the economy over the past days. The car industry, mining and construction have all returned to work this week.

The Pan American Health Organisation has asked Mexico not to open its economy too fast because of the risk of accelerating infections.


For the second day running Brazil has posted a record death toll – 1,349 deaths in the past 24 hours, taking the total to more than 32,500. Brazil also has nearly 600,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The country’s death toll is soaring – yet in the middle of this pandemic, it still doesn’t have a permanent health minister.

Eduardo Pazuello was confirmed as interim minister on Wednesday after nearly three weeks in the job – a sign for many people that the federal government is not taking the issue seriously enough.

Indeed, just this week, Jair Bolsonaro reacted to the rise in fatalities saying death was the destiny of everyone, once again blaming the media for causing panic among Brazilian people.