Mighty Sparrow Gets Baptized, Joins Adventist Church

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Singer Francisco, better known as The Mighty Sparrow got baptized and joined The Seventh Day Adventist Church on Saturday September 3rd at a beach in New York.

The Calypso king of the world giving his life to God came at the end of a 5 weeks revival held under a tent in Carona New York.

The revival dubbed “Gospel Explosion 2022 was conducted by Evangelist Cladius Morgan of Eastern Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventist

Morgan was himself a Leading calypso in his native St. Vincent and the Grenadines before his conversion and joining The Adventist Church and studying to become a minister. His 5 week evangelistic effort  ended Saturday night.

The Mighty Sparrow ,Slinger Francisco was borned in Grenada July 9th 1935  but resided in Trinidad and Tobago where he calls home.

Sparrow is a vocallist,songwriter and plays the guitar ..He is the best known and most successful calysoin the world ever known.

In closing out his meeting Saturday evening Morgan said that exactly 10 years ago news spread that Sparrow died .He said that exactly 10 years later ,”Sparrow died to sin.

Sparrow attended church service before and after his baptism Saturday.

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