‘Milo Box’ confirmed as PAM Candidate

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On Thursday, the Peoples Action Movement (PAM) announced Kervin ‘Milo Box’ Freeman as their candidate for Constituency 3 to contest the next general election.

“Today our team has been bolstered by a significant addition of Kervin Milobox Freeman as the PAM candidate for consistency 3,” Leader of PAM Shawn Richards said at the Launch event.

He said Freeman brings a wealth of experience to our team and a history of advocacy for the small man.

“He has been the conscience of this nation an unquestioned fearless advocate. Milo is a genuine public servant of the highest order and, more importantly, a man who has remained grounded in his community and active in many spheres.”

He added that the candidate can appeal beyond PAM supporters.

“We are confident in the next two weeks Milo’s campaign will expand beyond that to appeal to the middle ground people and all the choices in the area.”

Freeman giving who started his statement by wearing a suit promised to be himself if given the chance to represent the constituency then removed his jacket and tie.

“I have not come here to look good but I have come here to do good for the people of Constituency 3. I do not play with my people, I do not play with my constituents…and now I am here to rescue my people and I say let my people go.

He believed they were on the verge of creating history in Constituency 3.

“When the movement gets together they can move anything and anyone.”


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