Minimum Wage Raise Coming For British Virgin Islanders.

Photo: BVI Tourism. The BVI provides colorful attractions for tourists and no doubt some islanders will be celebrating the minimum wage raise.
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The Government of the British Virgin Islands has announced an upcoming increase in the Territory’s minimum wage.

Minister for Financial Services, Labour, and Trade,  Lorna Smith disclosed that the minimum wage will rise to $8.50 per hour, effective from 30th November 2024.

She emphasized that this adjustment is part of a comprehensive strategy, which includes regular wage reviews, targeted support for small businesses, and increased investments in workforce development.

To provide further transparency, the Minimum Wage Review report that informed this decision will shortly be laid in the House of Assembly. Following this, the report will be made available to the public for further information on the rationale and details behind the minimum wage increase.

“This decision reflects our commitment to fostering a robust economy that benefits all stakeholders,” Honourable Smith stated. ” “By implementing this balanced approach, we aim to enhance worker welfare while fortifying our businesses for long-term sustainability.”

The adjustment follows a meticulous review by the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee, which carefully assessed policy documents, economic data, and labour force statistics.

The committee engaged in widespread consultations, including surveys, media interviews, and focus groups, ensuring diverse perspectives from stakeholders such as the BVI Chamber of Commerce, business owners, and employees.

Lorna Smith extended her appreciation to the committee members and the Ministry of Financial Services, Labour, and Trade staff for their valuable contributions to this process.

Source: BVI Government Press Release.


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