Some of the vender’s booths at the multi-purpose facility at Market Shop in Gingerland on Tuesday.

Hon. Eric Evelyn, Minister of Social Development in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), said the administration continues to do all that is necessary to enhance the ambiance at the new multi-purpose facility at Market Shop in Gingerland during a site visit Monday.

“In terms of our enhancements we looked at the area and we saw, in collaboration with the police, we needed some extra lighting and so we would have reached out to NEVLEC [Nevis Electricity Company Limited] to ensure that the surroundings of the facility are well lit,” he said, pointing to the most recent addition during the finishing-up phase leading to the grand opening and naming ceremony scheduled for Thursday at 6 p.m.“I would have made the request this past Friday morning for the additional lighting in the area coming up the Rawlins Road, the additional lighting going across to the Gingerland Secondary School and by Friday night the lights were up.”

Mr Evelyn is also the Area Representative for the Parish of St. George’s and the driving force behind the project.

“I want to say a very big thank you to NEVLEC, the management and staff there for responding so quickly to ensure that we have a facility that is well lit, and of course security we know would be of absolutely no concern,” he added. “So once again a very big thank you to NEVLEC for responding so very quickly to have the surroundings very well-lit so when patrons come here they can feel secure, and generally all who are here can feel secure in this area.”

The multi-purpose facility has been designated as the home of Gingerama, an annual village festival within the Parish of St. George’s. Thursday’s grand opening and official naming will be twinned with the three-day festival’s official opening event.

Ginger Fete will be on the second night at 8 p.m. On Saturday will be the Ginger Jam from 6 a.m. and later the S.L.Horsford’s Miss Gingerama contest at 8 p.m A Cricket/Fun Day will be at the nearby Hardtimes Grounds from 1 p.m. on Sunday, and later the TDC Miss Gingerette Pageant takes place at 7:30 p.m. The final event will bring the curtains down on the 2019 festival.

‘Gingerlanders’ embrace new multi-purpose facility, praise Area Rep. Evelyn

The community of Gingerland is preparing for the new multi-purpose facility at Market Shop in Gingerland and some residents are opening welcoming the newest addition to the Parish of St. George’s.

Ms. Sidonie Maynard; Ms. Deloris Weekes; Mr. Sterling Heyliger; and Mr. Mc Clevon Tross were visiting the site on Monday where they met with Minister Evelyn while he was getting a first-hand look at the ongoing work ahead of the official opening.

Ms. Maynard did not hesitate to express her satisfaction and invited members of the public to the opening ceremony.

“I’m proud to be a happy ‘Gingerlander’ this morning, and I am proud of the new facility we have here ,and I trust, which I know, the people of Gingerland appreciate it,” she said.“We will have the opening and the launch on Thursday night and I want everyone to come out and just enjoy it because we are going to have a lot of different stuff happening here, and in the future we can do different things, different activities. So, let’s just enjoy it and congratulate our Honourable Minister Mr. Eric Evelyn and thank him. It’s a nice place. You guys come on out and see for yourselves.”

Ms. Weekes, who hails from Hanley’s Road in Gingerland, noted that her visit was in an effort to show her appreciation.

“I come here today to show appreciation for what Minister Eric Evelyn has done. I feel it is a great investment for Gingerland, Market Shop. When I came up here a few weeks ago it was very delightful. I never ever expect this was the project they were doing, so I came, and I saw for myself and it’s a really, really nice piece of work,” she said.“I hope that Gingerland people appreciate it, and even Nevis people come out on the 28th to celebrate the opening and to see the place because it has turned into such a beautiful scenery in Gingerland, and I am very, very proud of the minister and I pray that God continue to bless him and the Nevis Island Government…to continue to do great projects in Nevis.”

Mr. Heyliger commended those responsible for changing the area.

“I am a ‘Gingerlander’ and I grew up all these years seeing what it was like before, and I want to congratulate all the stakeholders… because this is really a first-class facility. In our local language when somebody comes from the bottom to the top we normally say ‘they go from rags to riches’, so this entire area has been transformed,” he said.“All I really want the general public to do is to come on out and support the functions that are held here. It’s going to be a win-win situation for both. The public is going to get a quality facility to attend functions. The government, having made the investment and is offering this property for rental they in turn will get some revenue.”

Mr. Heyliger also had some advice for those who will be utilising and managing the facility. 

“I just want to urge the public to take care of the facility because it is not cheap, and those persons who are going to manage it, they need to manage it properly so you don’t have double bookings and confusion basically but all in all, it’s a worthwhile development and I am very happy to be standing here this morning to see what this area has been transformed to… I guess I cannot be more proud to have a facility like that in Gingerland,” he said.

Mr. Tross commended the contractors for their quality work and also encouraged the public to support the upcoming Gingerama festival.

“It’s a marvellous facility. I must say kudos to the contractors they did a splendid job. The finishing is excellent. I mean with Gingerama around the corner I think it is fitting that this would be ready in time. The festival has great build-up and I’m taking this opportunity to encourage all that have never been here to come out and see this facility,” he said. “You just can’t come by yourself. You have to bring a few people with you to share in the ambience. It’s an excellent facility, and I think once the crowd and the patrons are on their best behaviour we will have a wonderful Gingerama coming up, and I think that that would serve the Gingerland community well.”