Minister Hamilton: Government Proud of Delivering ‘Bigger and Better’ Quality Homes

A section of the kitchen in one of the new homes. SKNIS Photo.
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Minister of Human Settlement, the Honourable Eugene Hamilton, said in the National Assembly on Wednesday the government is very proud of its housing record, delivering homes to hundreds of families across St. Kitts.

Dozens of houses were presented to a number of persons in areas so far in 2020, including Sandy Point, Tabernacle, Lodge, Christ Church Belle Vue and Phillips,’ and on Thursday afternoon houses were also distributed at Cayon.

“We have delivered,” said Minister Hamilton. “The homes which we are building today are almost 100 square foot bigger than those which were produced during the previous administration.”

The houses constructed under the Unity Housing Solutions programme feature galvalume roofs, spacious bathrooms and larger bedrooms. The houses are 862 square feet compared to the 780 square-foot homes built before 2015.

The government has also ensured that cupboards and toilet fixtures are installed in the new houses.

“The quality of finishes in these houses is first class. Mr. Speaker … these houses are quality houses fit for kings and queens,” he stated.

The Minister of Human Settlement also touted manageable interest rates on the mortgage.

“Two percent interest is what we charge at NHC (National Housing Corporation) to the people who are getting these houses,” he said, adding that the tremendous growth of homeownership, which has surpassed more than 250 homes under the programme, is one of the success stories for the government over the past five years.

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