Minister Liburd: Government reviewing wind energy proposal

Ian Liburd Minister of Public Infastructure
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Staff Writer

The road to renewable energy has many twists and turns and as the Federation continues its push to become one of the world’s green economies a government project has been delayed.

Minister with Responsibility for Energy Ian Liburd said the government is currently awaiting the arrival of several legal documents related to wind energy, currently before the Attorney General’s Chambers for review. He made his comments in response to a caller on the government’s weekly radio program, ‘Working For You.’

“We have before us what we call a PPA  which is a power purchase agreement that speaks to the supplier of wind energy to the St. Kitts Electrical Company at a particular cost,” Mr. Liburd said. “There are certain parts of the agreement still before the Attorney general chambers…and we are seeking a legal opinion before we get into the signing of the agreement.”

Liburd did not give any time frame when the Attorney General, Hon. Vincent Byron would finish the reviewing the document and when the establishment of the wind energy facility would be completed.

He however, noted that when completed the energy drive would create between 300 to 500 jobs for the population.

The radio caller noted that “the people want to know why it is taking so long”, and the Minister said he understands all the questioning about the delays.

The caller urged the Minister to push the project because she is unemployed and intends to seek employment in the renewable energy field.

The government has over the last several months developed a number of initiatives to thrust their renewable energy program, including Geothermal exploration.

However, the report on the Geothermal exploration has been delayed as deposits were only recently sent oversea where research are being conducted at several institution.

The geothermal findings would not be made public until September, he recently told media representative at a regional geothermal workshop in the Federation.

This all forms part of the government drive to minimize St. Kitts and Nevis’ dependency on fossil fuel, since the government is still heavily indebted to Petro Caribe


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