Minister Moxey says GB should become the hub from which innovative initiatives are birthed

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FREEPORT, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas – Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Ginger Moxey believes that the University of the Bahamas’ Ignite mission to support national development and economic growth through the promotion and support of sustainable, entrepreneurial innovation in Grand Bahama and across The Bahamas, also supports her government’s Blueprint for Change for a more dynamic, inclusive economy through the formation of new industries and job creation.

“With Innovate 242 and UB Ignite, I see a brighter future for Grand Bahama,” Minister Moxey added. “One that is filled with technological advancements and innovative solutions to overcome challenges. The mission of UB ignite also aligns with one of my Ministry’s mandate – the promotion of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in Grand Bahama.”

The Grand Bahama Minister was the guest speaker at the opening ceremony for UB North’s Innovation Summit, which was held at Pelican Bay Resort on Friday, December 8, 2023. The Summit aims to empower more Grand Bahamian youth and entrepreneurs in the field of technology, as well as to inspire existing business owners to see technological advancement as a way to enhance their business.

Minister Moxey noted that several of the policies and initiatives successfully implemented by the Davis Administration over the past few years support the government’s Blueprint for Change to advance the country, by creating new industries and opportunities to empower Bahamians. She added that the government envisions Grand Bahama Island as the home for Maritime and Logistics, the home of events and entertainment and indeed, the home for innovation.

“I often say that we should be utilizing Grand Bahama to be a platform from which revolutionary, innovative initiatives are birth that can be replicated throughout The Bahamas,” said Minister Moxey. “Economic diversification, digitization and innovation, as well as entrepreneurial empowerment of the Bahamian people, are critical to the exponential growth and sustainability of Grand Bahama’s economy and the nation’s progress.

“When I reflect on the history of Grand Bahama, it is evident that this island has always been the catalyst for innovation in the Bahamas. From the establishment of a Free trade zone in 1955 and became the city of Freeport and the subsequent landmark developments that established our industrial center and expanded our tourism industry, this place, called Grand Bahama, has become the great innovator for our country.”

As the Cabinet Chair for Innovate 242, Minister Moxey said the program was developed to propel The Bahamas as the center of innovation for the Caribbean and for Grand Bahama, as the home of innovation, to become the center for sustainability.

She pointed out that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. With that fact in the forefront, she said her Ministry is seeking to develop a center for sustainability that focuses on addressing issues that Grand Bahama faces. And there are various challenges, she admitted.

“But I believe that through technology, we can solve a lot of those issues. The fact that Grand Bahama has been through so much, I consider us to be the place of resilience.

“With the work that UB is doing through innovation, through entrepreneurship, and what we (Ministry for Grand Bahama) are also doing with business development in general, I believe that this island can be the island of sustainability. Innovate 242 will foster innovation, attract tech entrepreneurs, and provide a platform for collaboration on tech center solutions for various problems. This hub will be a nucleus for creative minds to converge and revolutionize industries.

We are well on our way to achieving the center for sustainability and in 2024, we will establish the 242 Incubator. It will focus on sustainability and business development.”

For these reasons, Minister Moxey said she was excited about the collaboration between the University of the Bahamas and the Inter-American Development Bank that focuses on sparking innovation and leadership in Grand Bahama. She surmised that by providing a platform where entrepreneurs can build on ideas, tap into expert knowledge, join a local network of like-minded individuals, and have access to resources, it will aid in the growth, sustainability and longevity of their respective business ventures.

“Grand Bahama is on the steady part to recovery. We have been rebuilding and UB Ignite, along with Innovate 242, will play significant roles in preparing entrepreneurs for the opportunities ahead. All stakeholders play a role in revitalizing our island. Through your collaboration and partnership we can unlock the island’s potential, by tapping into our resources, especially our most valuable resource, our people.

“I have no doubt that with UB Ignite, Innovate 242 and other Tech centered programs Grand Bahama will be the hub of creativity and cutting edge technology.”

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