May 12 – Federal Minister of Youth Empowerment, the Hon. Glenn Phillip wants certification of the over one thousand young people who have been trained under the Youth Empowerment through Skills programme (YES). Minister Phillip made the call during Monday’s Cabinet Meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas. He is of the view that the 1100 young people who were trained in several areas of discipline should be certified when they graduate from the programme to prove training to potential employers and lending institutions as they seek employment or opportunities to start their own businesses. Training has been given in Hospitality and Hotel Trades, Building Construction, Industrial Maintenance, Business Administration, Beauty Services, Agriculture, Metalwork, and Clothing and Textile. Minister Phillip who heads the Ministry administering the Y.E.S project took pride in the fact that students of the Y.E.S project had been assigned to the ICC Cricket operational team and have been engaged in other useful projects such as the maintenance of the Silver Jubilee Stadium and other facilities. The programme, which to date cost EC$10 million commenced in March 2009 partly in response to the global economic crisis and the need to improve the vocational skills of unemployed youth in the Federation to better enable them to find jobs that require a level of mastery of particular skills, including attitudinal skills, and to prepare many of them to start their own small businesses. “Members of Government raised concerns about the lack of discipline and self-application to the training of some of the students of the YES project. It was concluded that such students should be weaned from the project to ensure that very scarce public resources are applied in a justifiable way. In any case, the sustainability of the project going forward will depend on greater participation on the part of our social partners and more focused targeting of training needs of young people. These matters will form the content of further discussion,” said Minister of Information, Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty. Source: CUOPM