Minister Richards Encourages Continued Support of Youth

Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable Shawn Richards.
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The Honourable Shawn Richards, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Youth and Education, has called on the public to continue to support the Federation’s youth during his address to officially open Youth Month 2019 Nov. 1.

“Just as it takes a community to raise a child, it requires the entire country to raise a generation. Therefore, I call on everyone to continue to support youth work and young people simply because it’s our civic responsibility and our God-given duty,” said Minister Richards. “This is a call to service and an opportunity to ascend to a purpose greater than ourselves.  Also, I want to commend the efforts of those who have already answered the call and encourage you to never grow weary of this patriotic duty.”

Minister Richards added the Ministry will play its part and “stands ready to rise to any occasion and to respond swiftly and effectively to changes in the youth environment.”

Equally important, those significant investments and sacrifices have created avenues for the youth population to excel, he added.

“I urge you, therefore, to take a moment to consider the sacrifices made on your behalf, and I implore you to show gratitude, appreciation, and to pay that price forward to those who will come after you,” he said. “I want to recognize our courageous young entrepreneurs for their significant contributions to the country and to the economy. You choose to lead by example with hope and not fear, and I utterly encourage you to continue to follow your convictions rather than what is rational.”

Deputy Prime Minister Richards encouraged “aspiring entrepreneurs to challenge themselves and be passionate about the things they care about.”

“To each and every young person, I take pleasure in reminding you that destiny demands that you become men and women of earnest mind, that you are prepared for action and fit to bear responsibilities. Therefore, I entreat you to be wise and to consider what would be the result of leading a life of lesser purpose. Take time to pause on the threshold of your life and weigh your responsibilities, your opportunities, and your possibilities,” he said.

Youth Month is celebrated annually in November, This year’s theme is “Empowering our Youths to Follow their Dreams – Youth Month 2019”

Words Can Profoundly Impact the Dreams of Young People

Parents in St. Kitts and Nevis must continue to promote positivity in their households and be mindful of the negative impact that words can have in shaping their children’s futures Minister Richards said during his address.

“Words have the power to bring us down and to lift us up. The wrong choice of words can strip us of our dreams and hopes, but the right words have the power to change the way we perceive the world,”he said. “Therefore, I ask you, the parents, to be mindful that your words will influence the emotional and social development needed for your children’s later success. Choose your words wisely and ensure that they align with the development needs of the child, that they motivate the child towards positive behaviour, and hold the child’s interest.”

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