Dear Editor

I am disappointed, disgusted, discontented, distressed and dismayed by disheartening treatment that was displayed to a citizen of this country without discussing the issue by the honourable parliamentarian for St. Pauls Robelto Hector, bearing in mind though with so many “dis’s” in this paragraph I wish not to “dis” anyone.

In reference to a notice that was published by your newspaper dated Friday 27 October 2007 on page 13, it is with deep sorrow that I will like to address this matter.

The notice stated in brief that a parcel of land belonging to Mr Oscar Bailey is now acquired by the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) for public use.

In a verbal conversation one day with my sister, who is co-owner of the property, she was told by the Honourable Robelto Hector that the said land would be good for a community center. My sister indicated to him that she was in the final stages of constructing her home on the same plot but if he wanted to put any equipment for the construction of any governmental project they could do so without a cost.

Lo and behold, my sister and her husband were notified later by a friend that she just read in The Observer that the NIA has taken over the property.

There was no discussion, there was no meeting of any sort, there was no consultation, there was no notification from the NIA with the exception of that in The Observer.

I am deeply hurt and depressed by the NIA’s action. Imagine the year started out with the death of our mother in January, five (5) months later in May the death of our father, followed by the hospitalisation of her daughter in August and now in October the only asset of value that my sister owned is being taken away by the NIA – specifically by the representative ‘good heavens! gracious, peace man!’

Where is the conscience, where’s the heart, where’s the love and sympathy the parliamentary representative has for the constituents that he claims to love so dearly?

If he is so hellbent in building a community centre for St.Pauls why didn’t he use the land that he or his father owned in Ramsbury? It is more central..oops! I almost forgot a house is being constructed.

If the minister is so convinced that my sister gave Mr. Michael Perkins her vote instead of him, why not try and persuade her next time around to capture her vote? Doesn’t everyone have the right to vote for who he or she desires?

But then again the Honourable Minister may not know because he’s just a Johnny-come-lately politician desperate for power and wealth…. no wonder the talk is going around that this a one (1) term government.

How long will the Honourable Minister humiliate, frustrate, irritate and aggravate citizens of his constituency?

How long will the Honourable Minister walk around with his boisterous, boastful attitude thinking that he is lord of the manor?

How long?

Not long.


Randy Caines