Ministers Underscore Environmental Awareness And Conservation Values To Students In Andros On World Wetlands Day

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Nassau, The Bahamas – The Hon. Vaughn P. Miller, Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, the Hon. Zane Lightbourne, State Minister for the Environment, along with government officials led by the Bahamas Forestry Unit, encouraged environmental awareness and conservation values during a visit to Fresh Creek Primary and Central Andros High schools on World Wetlands Day (celebrated February 2nd). Both ministers underscored the significance of wetlands to the students of grades 5 and 12.

Hon. Vaughn Miller and other government officials commemorate World Wetlands Day.

A symbolic gesture of commitment was made through tree planting ceremonies of hibiscus and grape trees at the primary school, and poinciana at the high school.

The presence of Danielle Hanek, Acting Director, Forestry Unit; Marlon Leary, Island Administrator, principals, and staff highlighted the collaborative effort.

The officials also toured the high school campus, connecting with teachers and students specializing in technical subjects including engineering, economics and agriculture. The students were happy to interact with the ministers. Some were given mini-prizes for their participation.

This initiative not only celebrates World Wetlands Day but also fosters a sense of responsibility for the natural environment among the younger generation.

World Wetlands Day is a day to give voice to wetlands around the globe. It is an opportunity for all nations and people to come together to spur awareness, appreciation and action for wetlands. World Wetlands Day has been a United Nations International Day since 2022. It is celebrated every 2 February since 1997 by Parties to the Convention on Wetland and marks the anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands — adopted in 1971 as an international treaty

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