Ministries Led By Hon. Dr Joyelle Clarke Meet To Map Out 2024 Agenda

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Basseterre, St Kitts – The Ministry of Sustainable Development and The
Ministry of Environment, Climate Action and Constituency Empowerment both led by Senator Hon Dr Joyelle Clarke, held its first Intra-Ministerial Coordination Mechanism Management (ICMM) Team Meeting for the new year, on Wednesday 10 January 2024 at the Solid Waste Management Corporation’s Conference Room. The purpose was to discuss, plan, evaluate work plans, strategies and upcoming projects for the Departments within the Ministries.

The ICMM team met to make their plans for this year.

The session featured comprehensive presentations outlining plans for legislative reviews from several departments. Notable discussions included strategies to combat the escalating issue of illegal dumping of coconut husks and the disposal of derelict vehicles. Additionally, departments provided insights into new projects slated for 2024 and offered updates since the last intra-ministerial meeting.

Among the key highlights was a focused effort this year to address the critical intersection between climate and water in St Kitts and Nevis. A call for the formulation of people- centered policies related to land sales, Phase II of the Recycling Project in collaboration with Taiwan ICDF emphasizing cardboard recycling, and a phased ban on single-use plastics, preceded by stakeholder consultations, were also deliberated.

The ICMM’s mandate for the year encompasses strategic priorities such as the management of Independence Square, the enhancement of the Royal Basseterre Valley in  partnership with the OECS Commission, and the upgrading of national hiking trails in the Central Forest Reserve National Park.

Scheduled to convene every two months, the ICMM serves as a dynamic think-tank, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing among directors from respective departments. This collaborative approach aims to form partnerships and innovative solutions to effectively execute diverse projects.

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