The Ministry of Education has successfully launched a project that would see some 60 persons certified as assessors in the near future. The initial process began with a training workshop designed to prepare participants with the requisite information to sit an examination for certification in the field of assessment.

Participants in the 10 day workshop, which concluded on May 3, included secondary school teachers as well as interested persons from the private sector specifically the construction, automotive and textile industries.

Workshop facilitators in the persons of Margery Williams, Loretta Munroe, and Lolane Bannister came from the Heart Trust of the Vocational Development Institute and the National Training Agency of Jamaica. Speaking on the need for competent assessors, Lolane Bannister explained that in learning environments it is always necessary to have trained individuals who can properly identify the causes of and solutions to issues arising within the learning environment, which adversely affect individuals in that environment.

She added that an unbiased review or assessment of the situation from a non-partial individual opens the door to appropriate interventions.

Team leader Margery Williams emphasized the importance of professionalism in assessment, referring specifically to confidentiality, a comfortable assessment environment, consistent record keeping and  review as key to successful assessment.

She reminded participants that in the assessment process they would also be guided by the ethical principles and policies of the local governing bodies under which they operate.

Ms. Williams and her fellow facilitators said they felt the group of participants were exemplary in their level of receptivity and interaction. They have submitted resumes as part of the application process for the certification examination.