Ministry of Education In St. Lucia Prepares For Island Champ Games

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In a groundbreaking move, the traditional Inter-Secondary School Sports competition is set to evolve into an exciting new event called “Island Champ”.

The rebranding promises to bring a fresh perspective to the highly anticipated sporting spectacle, making it more accessible and engaging for participants, spectators, and stakeholders alike, so says Acting Deputy Chief Education Officer, Cyrus Cepal.

“Island Champ is what we have rebranded the Inter-Secondary School Sports competition and now, instead of it being held on a school day, we will host a weekend of sports. The idea also is to be able to give the opportunity for even parents or spectators to watch the games live, either in person or on their screens at home.”

While the decision to move the secondary schools’ games to the weekend may be met with questions, Mr. Cepal emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to ensure a seamless transition.

“We are here to serve the children to give them the best opportunity to perform at the highest levels. The decision to host the games on the weekend is something new, however, we are collaborating with Ministry of Sports and other bodies to plan an effective 21st century model for the Island Champ games,” he said.

The Island Champ’s transition to the weekend promises a new era in school sports in Saint Lucia. It is anticipated that the change will serve the best interests of students, offering them a platform to excel and make the school sports experience more inclusive and engaging.

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