Ministry of Health denies ‘spurious claims’

Joseph Nathaniel France General Hospital faces a shortage of medical technologists.
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The Ministry of Health has been made aware of a mischievous electronic circular, by an unnamed source, claiming that there is insufficiency of food stores at the JNF General Hospital as a result of outstanding funds owed to Ram’s Trading Ltd.

The Executive Management of the JNF General Hospital deems these claims are spurious and absurd. The claim has been condemned as false and an attempt to foster negative sensationalism and to bring the institution and its administrators into disrepute.

The Ministry of Health has affirmed that Ram’s Trading Ltd enjoys a very good relationship with JNF General Hospital.

Ram’s Trading, a major food retailer and wholesaler, has strongly condemned the blatant and glaring attempt to fracture the business relationship with one of its more valuable partners.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed there are no outstanding funds owed to the company by the Ministry. A ministry release said, “It is pellucidly clear that there isn’t a modicum of truth in these spurious claims. The Ministry of Health wishes to advise all clients and the general public that the JNF General Hospital, as the Federation’s premier health institution, always has adequate food stock to meet the dietary needs of its in-patient population.

“Moreover, the institution purchased an increased quantity of food supplies during the Christmas and New Year’s season to ensure patients are served traditional Christmas meals inclusive of ham, turkey, and sorrel according to their prescribed dietary regime. This is done in an effort to bring cheer to patients who would have normally enjoyed such meals at home had they not been hospitalised, as is customary during the joyous season.”

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