Ministry of Health Receives Donation Of Hand Sanitizers

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Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Health is the recipient of a donation of hand sanitizers, provided by Peter and Company Distribution. The local distribution company made the donation with the intention to encourage and renew vigilance following the recent global pandemic.

Assistance from corporate Saint Lucia remains pivotal in fostering a healthier and safer country. The acting Drug Inspector, Astrid Mondesir, commended the distribution company for its commitment to public health.

“In times of unprecedented challenges, partnerships with organizations that prioritize the
well being of our citizens become invaluable. Peter and Company’s dedication to corporate social responsibilityis an example of how businesses can make a positive impact on our

Divisional Sales Manager, Dudavhu James, said PCD collaborated with the Beep parent company, in recognition of the invaluable efforts of the Ministry of Health toward public health promotion and the ongoing battle against constantly mutating viruses.

“This donation is not merely an act of corporate philanthropy; it is a symbol of our enduring dedication to the people we serve. If nothing else, the virus has taught us the importance of resilience, adaptability and collective action.”

Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Tessa Inglis, expressed gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Health. She said corporate assistance is welcome as the Ministry anticipates
further inflation to an already high health care bill.

“As we move toward the implementation of Universal Health Coverage where we aim to provide equitable access to affordable and quality services, we recognize that costs will climb even higher. Donations like these from corporate citizens are what will help us along the journey.”

For its part, Peter and Company Distribution thanked the Ministry of Health for its dedication and tireless efforts as frontline heroes in the battle for health and safety.

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