Modern Police Force Needed To Curb Murders, Says PM Harris Jermine Abel Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris says a modern and well equipped Police Force is key to returning St. Kitts-Nevis to a position enjoyed in years gone by with little or no murders occurring. This would only be achieved if the police force has all the requisite technology and manpower required to combat the challenges currently facing the federation, Dr. Harris said. Speaking at the closing ceremony of a two-week Investigators Course for Police and Customs officers, PM Harris, also Minister of National Security, stressed that law enforcement must be provided with specialized services, expertise and technology for crime fighting. He told the participants of the training course that it is important for them to deliver on the law and order that is needed to keep St. Kitts and Nevis safe. “It is an important development in the ongoing effort of the police to ensure that we are best prepared to deliver on the mandate of law and order, and to do justice to the demands of residents and citizens for their safety and security of this beloved federation.” The Prime Minister chastised members of the Force for becoming “lapse and slack” due to what he claimed is the development of friendships that are affecting the enforcement of laws. PM Harris emphasized that there are many challenges facing the country today as it relates to crime, noting that it is the duty of all law enforcement agencies to “give the best response” as mandated. “Every time there is a challenge to law and order the Forces and Agents of law and order must respond appropriately, robustly and strong. Never must the agents of law and order be coiled, because if agents of law and order are coiled, the criminals advance. It is the hope of the citizens and the expectations of all of us living here that we will restore St. Kitts and Nevis to the charm and tranquil place it had been.” Further, he reminded the officers that despite working set shifts, they are always on call, 24 hours a day. “It demands then that whether you are in uniform or out of uniform you are on duty officially… you must always remember that at all times you are an officer of the law and where there is a breach of the law you ought to respond accordingly,” he added. According to police statistics, St. Kitts and Nevis had over four hundred major crimes from January to July. In an effort to stem criminal activity, especially those involving guns, the High Command of the police force has implemented a six point crime reduction plan. Acting Police Commissioner Stafford Liburd called on the officers to sharpen their skills if they are to successfully deal with the challenges of increased criminal activities. “Their skills need to be sharpened,” said Liburd of investigators. “Relevant training and advancement is important in efforts of taking the Force forward successfully… We are working towards improving our technology and the use of Forensic Science…to successfully fight crime.”