While Prime Minister Denzil was in Parliament on Thursday passing a draft resolution to effect the changing of constituency boundaries in the Federation, the People’s Action Movement went back to the High Court and slapped several additional injunctions on five respondents. One member of PAM’s legal team, attorney Vincent Byron Jr. told The Observer that Applicants Hon. Shawn Richards and PAM leader Lindsay Grant had sought an audience with Justice Francis Belle just after 4 p.m. Thursday. “Injunctions were filed against five respondents- the Constituency Boundaries Commission, the Electoral Commission, the Supervisor of Elections William Benjamin Sr., the Governor General Sir Cuthbert Sebastian and the Attorney general Hon. Dennis Merchant. These injunctions clearly state that none of the parties named could use the Boundaries Commission Report in any way until the matter can be heard before the court in a judicial review,”Byron said. The Applicants and/or their legal counsel have until 3:30 p.m. today Friday to file and serve documents in the matter. According to the legal document provided by Byron, the order restrains the Governor General and the Attorney General from “in any way acting upon, and/or signing and/or making use of the Draft Proclamation and/or Boundaries Commission Report until further hearing or order”. The Order also states that the Electoral Commission and supervisor of elections are restrained from using and/or conducting and/or supervising any election or general election on the basis of any new boundary changes to the constituencies in the Federation. It was noted that failure to comply with the terms of the order may lead to proceedings being held against the offending party for contempt of court and said person may be liable to be imprisoned. On Thursday night, Byron confirmed that the Attorney General and Governor General had been served with the court documents. He also explained that any court order filed against the A.G. was filed against the federal government. All parties involved are expected to go before the High Court on Monday for the judicial review where both sets of injunctions will be consolidated.