MP Powell voices his appreciation for the Westline Bus Terminal

    Member of Parliament for Constituency #2, Hon. Jonel Powell praises the completion of the Westline Bus Terminal during the facility’s September 22 opening ceremony.
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    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — “I stand here today a very happy man, happy because Central Basseterre is on the move,” said Member of Parliament for Constituency #2, Hon. Jonel Powell during the September 22 opening ceremony for the Westline Bus Terminal.

    “It was just about seven years ago when I began my political career, I identified this particular facility as one of the facilities that had to be upgraded under the Team Unity Government,” said Mr. Powell, who is also Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture.

    “Our presence here today is evident that as usual with your Team Unity Government, promise made promise kept,” he said.

    “I use this opportunity as well to in particular thank the former minister with responsibility, the Honourable Ian Patches Liburd. He saw the vision and started an effort to ensure that not only did this facility become a reality, but when we look just across the way, the brand new Basseterre Ferry Terminal, yet another promise that have been made and promise kept under this government,” he said.

    “This facility represents not just an infrastructural upgrade for our transport system, but it represents part of the continued infrastructural upgrade of Basseterre and in particular Central Basseterre. We must continue to do the work to ensure that this area is uplifted and the people of this area benefit from the work that is being done as a gradual and overall upgrade to our Basseterre and our lovely capital city,” said MP Powell. “We must ensure that Basseterre is the best capital in the region if not the world and this is just a further step forward in that direction,” he said.

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