Mr. Prest has proven himself to be a man for all seasons

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Sound leadership is the catalyst for any entity’s great success. The lack thereof has been the downfall of many establishments, we daresay nations. So it stands to reason that the wisdom of a leader is paramount.

It is even more impactful when the leader is the founder, and this has not been more evident than in the rapid progression of BONI, whose initiator, Mr. Michael J. Prest, has provided a platform for untold achievement.

An entrepreneur extraordinaire, Mr. Prest has been well ahead of the game with many of the astute ventures he has piloted and/or endorsed. No one would question the validity and advancement of BONI, and Mr. Prest has been foremost in promoting and guiding his brainchild.

In a rapidly changing world, it requires vision, acuity and guidance such as his, to recognise the critical importance of a partnership between his bank and African Import-Export Bank (Afreximbank) – and to instantly seize the opportunity.

In mid-November of 2022, following the inaugural African Caribbean Trade & Investment Forum, Afreximbank and BONI established that partnership, and a high-level team from the Afreximbank had visited St. Kitts and Nevis, journeying to Nevis to meet with and engage in photo opportunities with staff inside the bank. It showed the high regard that Prest is held in international circles.

BONI executives had predicted that the partnership with Afreximbank would create “better financing outcomes which will enable meaningful sustainable investment in St Kitts and Nevis and the wider Eastern Caribbean”.

This latest development is a perfect example of such a financing outcome. BONI has signed a heads of terms agreement with Afreximbank for a two-tranche US$11 million facility to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and domestic consumers to access sustainable renewable energy and solar panel systems, as well as the development of a landmark hotel project in Nevis.

That is the essence of what Mr. Prest had envisioned and it has begun to bear fruit. His wealth of experience in assessing and taking risk in order to meaningfully invest is invaluable and invariably pays dividends.

He has a track record of successful investments across a range of industries and sectors in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and Asia. His publicized strengths are natural resources, financial services, and real estate. BONI and BONITS are just two of Mr Prest’s innumerable ventures.

A perfect example of Mr. Prest’s awareness and insightful decision-making was displayed in March 2021, when BONI acquired a 24.08% shareholding in Investrust Bank Plc (Zambia) – a significant acquisition.

Last November that same bank, Investrust Bank Plc was recognised by the Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Services with an award for the ‘’Most Consistent and supportive Bank of the year’’ at the 2023 Banking and Financial Services Award. The recognition was said to be an affirmation of the Bank’s focus – on being customer-centric and fostering unmatched service delivery.
Mr. Prest has expressed repeatedly that he is dedicated to providing young people across the Caribbean and Africa with a platform and has demonstrated this by assisting them in securing professional positions.
As a conscientious and cognizant businessperson, Mr Prest is co-founder of UK Powerlist, an initiative that showcases the 100 most influential people of African or African Caribbean heritage in the United Kingdom.

Nothing speaks louder than successful persons who obligate themselves to highlight and ultimately uplift others. Mr. Prest has proven himself to be a man for all seasons.

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