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To the editor:

The comments or lack of substance by The Voice of Political Mischief in the Observer of May 16, 2008 has caught my journalistic fancy.  Truth be told in 950 word rambling has amounted to precious nothing.  The late Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago  Dr. Eric Williams after listening to his political opponent rambling in parliament  for three long arduous and weary days got up and used the singular dismissive phrase in political hustings.  He was to say “MR. Speaker I too will follow the last speaker and like him have nothing to say”.  Whereupon he promptly sat down.  The Voice of Political Scorn has nothing to say about geothermal and wanting to know what arrangements if any have been entered into between the Nevis Island Government led by the NRP and West Indies Power.  He does not have the legitimacy to ask   about those arrangements.

He might be able to do so if he provides the people of Nevis with an explanation of whay he sat so ably in a committee and gave the geothermal resources of Nevis singularly and solely in a wholesale manner to ten Kittitian Ministers with the tag on a the donkey tail being the Minister of Physical Planning in Nevis.   When it was his time to shine he failed the selfsame people of Nevis miserably.  He is to be called a wholesale sell-out of the people of Nevis following the path of so many lawyers who promised the people of Nevis so much and delivered so little on the contrary.

The Voice of Scorn must tell us what benefits would have accrued to the people of Nevis  under his scheme of allowing the good people of St. Kitts to manage and charge for our resource.     How were we to be paid for our resource.  How much were we to pay St. Kitts for our electricity generated by our geothermal resource.  When he gave the people of St. Kitts our watch that we manufactured and designed in Nevis to tell us the time what time would we have been told.    What was he thinking.  We want to know Voice of Political Scorn.  We the good people of Nevis ought to be glad that God himself rescued us from this snare of the fowler and this noisome pestilence who lay in wait for our blood and who have laid a snare for us.  The CCM and this Voice of Scorn have been like adders lying in wait to pounce on the good people of Nevis.

Voice of Scorn before you can ask question you have a lot of answers to provide.  Help us with the above.  How were the people of Nevis to benefit from your gift of our resource to St. Kitts to be managed and sold.

Hastings R. Daniel


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