A section of the multi-purpose facility under construction at Market Shop in Gingerland on Oct. 30.

Hon. Eric Evelyn, Minister of Culture in the Nevis Island Administration, announced during a visit to the construction site Oct. 30 the multi-purpose facility under construction at Market Shop in Gingerland will be ready for the official opening and naming Nov. 28.

“I am extremely happy. I am actually overwhelmed with the progress that has taken place here at the festival site in Gingerland since we last met here…We have contractors here and I am very impressed with the level of commitment from them because we would have told them that the site has to be ready in time for the hosting of Gingerama 2019,” said Mr. Evelyn, who is also the Minister of Social Development and the Area Representative for the Parish of St. George’s. “The facility will be ready on time for the hosting of the Gingerama festival. Gingerama is expected to run from Nov. 28th until Dec. 1 and we will be having a grand opening of the facility and the opening of Gingerama on Nov. 28.”

The Minister noted that the contractors had given a commitment that the facility would be ready on time and expressed satisfaction with their steady pace of work to keep the commitment. He urged the public to be a part of the grand opening as the administration welcomes the brand-new facility.

“I must say that I am exceptionally proud of the Project Manager Mr. Antonio “Abonaty” Liburd…I’ve seen what he has been doing over the past weeks and months. The level of supervision that has been given to this project, and the way he operates, it’s almost like a trained contractor or an engineer,” he added.“I must say I am very, very impressed with ‘Abo,’ and I believe that a lot of what we have achieved here is because of the push that has been coming from him.”

Gingerland facility to complement existing government-owned cultural venues on Nevis

Minister Evelyn said the multi-purpose facility at Market Shop in Gingerland would complement the other existing government-owned venues on the island.

“I want to make it clear that the facility that we are constructing in Gingerland is in no way intended to compete with any of the facilities on the island. It’s a means of complementing,” he said.“We have the Cultural Complex and the Cultural Village in Charlestown, we have NePAC [Nevis Performing Arts Centre] and they are all going to complement each other. Of course here is an open facility, NePAC is a closed facility, the Cultural Complex and the Cultural Village are open facilities and so we will be complementing each other.”

Mr. Evelyn explained that the facility will also be used to host some Culturama events.

“The other good thing about it, is that I would have said last year or earlier this year that we are trying our utmost to decentralise some of the activities for Culturama, and that will be an ideal opportunity for one or a couple of the activities to be hosted right here in Gingerland,” he said.“We’ve had a lot of interest from churches, from schools to host activities here because people see the opportunity and we have provided that golden opportunity for all of the persons on the island of Nevis.”

The minister said the NIA had taken a decision to construct the facility to safeguard the island’s culture.

“This is an administration that is forward looking. This is an administration that is doing things not just for one-off activities. We are doing things to ensure that the culture of Gingerland, the culture of Nevis lives on, and this will be a multi-purpose facility not only for the Gingerama festival but several of the performing arts and cultural arts would be taught here,” he said.

Mr. Evelyn noted that interest in hosting activities there continues to grow.

“I’ve been getting a lot of interest from persons who are saying ‘We want to host this activity there,’ because trust me, once this facility is finished persons on the island will be very pleased with its quality, and will be running here to host activities and we will be very happy to facilitate all of you who would want to use the facility,” he said.“As I would have said before, the facility is for the use of all of us on the island of Nevis. This is your taxpayers’ money and it will be available to all of you at a cost of course.”