Murder trail begins: Accused girlfriend to testify against him

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By Monique Washington

“They were on a mission of death”, were part of the opening remarks from the lead prosecuting lawyer Dane Hamilton QC in the murder trial of Leon “Gravo” Westerman.

Presiding over the case is her Ladyship Lorraine Williams. A 12 member jury of five men and seven women will render their decision on Thursday.

Greg Halliday and Dexter Somersal stand accused of murdering Westerman in January of 2008. Asim Paris was also charged with Halliday and Somersal but was murdered in January of this year.

On Monday, Hamilton, who described the young men’s action as “deliberate, planned and executed”, told the jury that eight witnesses will testify in the case with the lead witness being Somersal’s former girlfriend.

“The assailant could not be found for a number of years. For four years. There is nothing complicated about this case,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton explained that “you do not have to pull the trigger to commit murder”. “They were on a mission of death,” he said. “Leon might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

He encouraged the jury to listen to the evidence and to weigh it carefully. The Prosecution will begin its evidence on Tuesday by presenting its first eye witness.

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