Members of the St. Kitts Music Festival committee at a press conference. From right to left: Allaister Williams, Damion Hobson, Lindsay Grant, Val Henry, Jonel Powell

By Loshaun Dixon

The new venue for the St. Kitts Music Festival will double capacity, with a new layout to be released next week, organisers said during a press briefing.

“It almost doubles what we would have had at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium last year. So we’re looking at a general admission area which can accommodate as much as ten thousand people,” said production manager Jonel Powell.

“By the time you include, the pavilion and seating areas and VIPs, we can easily and comfortably hold up to 12,000 people up there.”

Powell said that they already consulted with Fire and Rescue and all the other essential services about the new venue at the Kim Collins stadium in Bird Rock.

Powell noted that a number of quality acts are set to grace the stage and the increase in the capacity is welcomed.

“I know that a lot of us are getting caught up in the Buju Banton epidemic,” said Powell.

He said artistes like Smokey Robinson and Ella Mai will have appeal to visitors on the Saturday night of the festival while Buju Banton is the most anticipated act by the local audience.

“People are really excited about some of these other acts, and it shows the diversity of the festival and our ability to really appeal to just everybody,” Powell said.

Minister of Tourism Lindsay Grant said that he was still uneasy about the new venue noting there is always teething problems.

“Like most things when you have something new there will be teething problems, but I am relying on my team to have a flawless venue at the end of the day. I have no doubt that this year is going to be a bumper St. Kitts Music festival.”


Damion Hobson Music Festival Chairman said that protecting of the Mondo track will be one of their priorities during the festival.

“That was the number one concern of the Ministry of Sports that we had to address. We will be building a bridge that the vehicles will drive over. We are not driving any vehicles at all on the Mondo track.”

He also revealed that 1600 tickets have been sold online thus far and that physical tickets are also available.

“When you compare that to last year, it’s over 100% growth.”