In The Public Interest by Hastings Daniel 

Inasmuch as many have been pleased to nominate the person of the fairer sex who has made the most lasting impact on them and the society for 2016 we also as one who have been observing the machinations, movement and magnificence of that fairer sex now wish to lift up one from the bank of flowers that has the magnificence.  Of course none can rival the Magnificat although anyone can try to see how she can reach.

Women over the years have dome marvelously.  In 2016 one of them in our opinion stunned us by sheer matrimonial devotion and dedication to her husband.  This devotion when placed in perspective tells an unbelievable but true picture of hurculean devotion.  In 2016 a wife and her husband live together here on Nevis.  The husband took ill with that dreaded killer disease.   This was the second attack in as many years.  The wife took leave of absence from work for six months, used her medical card and journeyed with a sick man to the United Sates to seek and obtain medical attention.  Mark the man cannot help himself.  He can barely walk or move freely.  Yet this wife is by his side like deodorant attending him every which way.

In the United Sates seeking medical attention is no joy ride even if you are relatively healthy.  First you have to secure a place to stay.  That might be easy.  Then you have to get transportation back and forth to doctors and hospitals.  This particular case involved the husband staying in hospital for weeks.  This wonderful wife was there at his side every day morning, noon and night.  When he has been put to bed she has to return home however she gets there.   Then up at the crack of dawn to be by her husband’s side.  Feeding him, encouraging him, taking him to the bathroom.  The physical, mental, emotional and logistical draining from a woman reposed and replicated in this woman is mind-boggling. They defy belief.

There have been true episodes of this woman singlehandedly oozing and easing a big sick man up steps in the United States.  We mean flights of stairs with painstaking and persistent care for minutes upon minutes day after day.  Take this and consider that the man is a large enough ticket and the lady is short.  Factor in that the weather is wintry and raining.  Yet this woman is like the energizer battery she just keeps going, going and giving.  When the husband came to after months he still could not walk.  She nused him at the home they were staying between two States.  Perhaps we should say that all his bathroom attention she not only had to carry him but virtually do them for him.  That means lifting, stretching and coming and going.

Speaking for ourselves we hope that nobody in this world has to go through that type of sacrifice and service.  Many would have died in that relentless cause.  Our woman of the year survived that ordeal.  Mark you this ordeal started sometime in 2015.   Here on Nevis we know this lady has been guarding and protecting her husband in his stricken state since then.  While in Nevis she has to work at an establishment that not only rewards but also requires discipline and excellence.  There she is a senior manager having served the public service as one of its managers also.   We know her.  She is our nieghbour.  She flits about with a sense of decency, decorum and daintiness.  Always smiling and gregarious.

We were privileged to see her driving out the same man she has rescued from the virtual grave. Today he can walk and help himself somewhat.  The ordeal of total helplessness has passed but the struggle with this dreaded disease continues.  Not even this dreaded disease could equal the unbridled devotion to duty of a wife, mother, manager and sister like our woman of the year.  Her devotion is still continuing.  God has granted her the strength, determination, courage and conscience to lift our menfolk from the depth despair to the citadel of hope.  On behalf of her husband who is our friend and brother and on behalf of men in particular and human beings in general we are pleased to hail HEATHER PERKINS-LIBURD as our 2016 woman of the year.