Mystery Surrounds Newlywed’s Bahamian Disappearance

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NASSAU, The Bahamas, Wednesday October 11, 2017 – The family of a newly wed American couple are desperate to find them after they disappeared on a honeymoon trip to the Bahamas two weeks-ago.

Bahamian authorities are still trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance who reportedly arrived in Grand Bahama but never made it to their honeymoon on the island of Rum Cay.

According to family members, there has been no contact with Forrest and Donna Sanco for over two weeks.
Their niece, LeeAnn Burger, reported that the Fort Worth, Texas couple travelled to Florida on board a Cessna 150-N3214X en route to The Bahamas on September 25. She said that same day they landed in Grand Bahama, where they cleared customs and spent the night.

But the pair never turned up in Rum Cay where they had rented a house for week and now Burger is trying to raise US$10,000 through a Go Fund Me campaign to hire private crews and pilots to find them.
She said she last heard from them when they stopped in North Eleuthera for more fuel.

“We want to determine what happened to them there or after they left,” she said. “We’re trying, the best way we know how to determine what happened in this case.”
Burger told the Bahamas Tribune newspaper that she has reached out to Bahamian police but she has been unable to make any contact.

She said she also made an appeal to the United States Embassy in New Providence and they have vowed to look into the matter.

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