National Assembly To Open Thursday LK Hewlett Story Updated: May 08th 2015 at 1:18 pm
The National Assembly will open on Thursday, May 14, two days shy of the 90-day margin in which it must be convened following a general election. Attorney General Hon. Vincent Byron Jr informed this week that on May 5 he delivered the proclamation for the sitting of parliament to Governor General His Excellency Sir Edmund Lawrence. The proclamation was signed, giving way for the first parliamentary session under the Unity government. The new Unity government, installed February 16, has indicated the new Speaker of the House will be businessman Franklin Brand. The session will begin at 10am at the government headquarters. “This will be an historic day and it will also be a pivotal step in this government laying the framework for the implementation of the prosperity agenda that will ensure a fair share for all,” Byron said. During the parliamentary session, Byron indicated, the government would put forth “an aggressive and progressive agenda” that would put the Federation on the right track. “We are excited about the upcoming session and want to reiterate that this government, your government, is working for you,” he said. The session will also usher in three members of the ousted Labour government taking up seats on the opposition benches. Former PM Dr. Denzil Douglas claimed the Dr. Timothy Harris-led administration had purposely delayed completing the process to have him named Federal Opposition leader. He will be joined by former Cabinet Ministers MP Marcella Liburd and MP Patrice Nisbett (NRP) along with first time parliamentarian MP Konris Maynard. An opposition senator will also be appointed. It will also be the first time that government ministers Hon. Ian Liburd and Hon. Lindsay Grant will attend parliament as elected representatives. Newly appointed Junior Minister Hon. Wendy Phipps will be a first time parliamentarian as well. The Observer understands that a Deputy Speaker will be sought from among the opposition members, and in the event they refuse, Senator Michael Perkins will likely be appointed to the position. The Throne Speech will be delivered by the Governor General during that session.